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Ledger are used as the main horizontal connecting member for the ASCEND Cup lock Standard. The Ledger manufactured from 48.3 mm OD tubes with forged ledger blade, which is welded at both ends. Which fits between top cup and bottom cup of the Standard? Minimum projection of blades avoids damages in handling and a uniform dimension makes the cup joint rigid.

ASCEND Ledger are available in various length to provides the desired grid dimension for scaffolding or formwork. ASCEND CUPLOCK ledger are available in galvanized and Painted finish.

Product Details

ASCEND CUPLOCK system is its unique nodeppoint locking device. This enables up to four horizontals to be loosely but safely connected to the standard then locked into position with a single hammer blow. The system uses no loose clips, bolt or wedges. The locking device is formed by fixed lower cups, and sliding upper cups which drop over the blade end of horizontals, and rotate to lock them firmly into place giving a positive rigid connection

ASCEND CUPLOCK ledger are available in galvanized and Painted finish

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